SVG Viewer  v.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a text-based graphics language that describes images with vector shapes, text, and embedded raster graphics.

DNT to SVG converter  v.1.0

DNT to SVG fast and easy. DNT to SVG converter is a small utility for converting DNT files produced by Genius G-Note tablets into vector-based SVG format (displayable in Firefox, IE ...)DNT to SVG converter Features: 1. Support for G-Note 7100 Tablet


Delineate - raster to SVG converter  v.0.5

Delineate is a tool for converting raster images to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) using AutoTrace or potrace.

Editeur SVG  v.1.0

'Editeur SVG' attempts to be a complete SVG graphical editor, written in Java, with an AWT GUI and allowing easy object manipulation including Bezier curves.

Open SVG Viewer  v.1.0

The Open SVG Viewer's purpose is to allow efficient and flexible visualization of SVG documents in Java-enabled platforms, mainly in Pocket PC's.

Render input formats as SVG trees  v.1.2.1

x2svg is software to graphically lay out files like XML Schema, DTDs and Java property files as scalable vector graphics (SVG).

SVG Charter  v.alpha.3

This small, sharp tool generates SVG charts and graphs for use in other processes.

SVG Eclipse Plugin  v.410

The project goal is to develop an Eclipse plugin for the Apache SVG framework 'Batik'.

SVG Icons  v.29.2002

SVG Icons project has a goal to provide Open-Source reference implementation of SVG icon themes for leading Linux and UNIX Desktop Environments, in particular (but not limited to) KDE and GNOME Desktops environments, FXCE and LXDE.

Visio VDX to SVG XSLT Stylesheet  v.1.5

The goal of this project is to develop an XSLT stylesheet for translating Visio VDX (XML) files to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

SVG editor for ownCloud  v.0.2.beta5

This project provides an ownCloud-app (http://apps.

Opera SVG Viewer  v.2.0

Finally folder navigation is implemented in the viewer, which required quite a bit of head scratching. Another tricky thing was making files display at their original size, but now it's working fine.

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